Kfoxy Beyond Luxury

Kfoxy Beyond Luxury

Our Story

KFOXY’ is a Spanish word from existentialist philosophy meaning, roughly, ‘Stunning! out of this world’ When we created KFOXY, we wanted our bags to spotlight the person behind the fashion accessory, rather than the brand itself.

KFOXY is BORN to offer a perfect blend of luxury with contemporary craftsmanship. A VIBRANT COLLECTION and eclectic modern handcrafted piece brings a ultra premium luxury.

KFOXY is specialists in leather and leather mix products which are beautifully designed and unique in taste.

KFOXY expertise mens and womens products including wallets, clutch wallets, shoulder bags, hand bags, business bags, briefcase, cushion covers, customize gifts and much more. The range is for ever evolving so welcome to our humble website. hoice for traveling, shopping, dating, party, holiday. Is the best gift given to mother, daughter and wife.


Our Philosophy

A raw passion for art & craft combined with luxury inspires the team at KFOXY to bring a fresh perspective craftsmanship of each meticulously handwoven creation and pick the best and most fascination collection for you.


Our Promise

At KFOXY we will see only 100% authentic and wide range of handcrafted contemporary products, we have a team of veteran artisans who made unique and beautiful products.

KFOXY is a true synonym of craftsmanship and high quality.

KFOXY believes in creating precious gifts for precious customers KFOXY is a true legend of craftsmanship.

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